Psych Corner September 2019 Written By: Dr. Lyllymar Colon Rodriguez

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Back to school can be a happy and exciting time for many parents and children. They see it as the beginning of a new chapter, a new fresh start, getting back into a routine, reconnecting with old friends and opportunity to make new friends. However; this is not the case for children who suffer from anxiety. For these children back to school can be unnerving and a source of unsurpassed fear, anxiety and stress. Back to school for them poses social and academic demands that can make them feel overwhelmed and unraveled.

Anxiety in children is not always apparent because it can manifest itself in so many different ways. If your child is suffering from anxiety he or she may be experiencing  abdominal pain, headaches, chest pains, tearfulness, irritability, changes in sleep or eating habits, inattention or low academic performance.

While seeing your child experience this can be scary, challenging and exhausting; there are things you can do.  Parents can help their child to cope with these stressors by talking to them through the problem. Gently letting them know you can see they are upset and offer to work together to try and find the cause. Simply talking through the problem can ease the anxious feelings in many children. However; if symptoms persist beyond the first few weeks of school parents should contact their pediatrician or psychologist for the appropriate guidance and interventions available to help their child.

Below you will find some links that can help parents to identify symptoms of anxiety in their children and tips on how to help them:

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this blog. It was direct, clear and to the point with what I am currently experiencing with my child. The links were very helpful. I hope you keep blogging.

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