Telepsychology Sessions:

60 min intake = $100
60 min sessions = $100

In-Office Sessions

60 min intake = $120
$100 per Individual Session (60 min)
$120 per Couples/Family Session (60 min)

Group Sessions

60 min intake = $120
60 min group participation = $50 (4-6 members)
60 min group participation = $35 (7-10 members)

Psychological Testing

60 min intake = $150
Testing hourly price varies depending on assessment tool utilized. $150-$250.00 per hour for test administration, scoring of test data, interpretation of test data, report writing, and feed back of results.

Immigration Evaluations

Fixed fee for all evaluations (Hardship, VAWA, U-Visa, T-Visa, Asylum) = $1,000 Split into 3 payments. Initial intake/biopsychosocial session $300, Testing Session $400, and feedback session $300

A signed electronic PDF copy of your report is provided to both yourself and your attorney. Additionally you receive an original hard copy and a certified copy for your attorney.

Victim statements can be written for you at a nominal extra charge if necessary. This is decided on a case by case basis.

Concierge/In-home Session

(all sessions are 60 minutes minimum in duration)

$350 90 min intake
$250 for Individual Concierge Visits
$300 for Couples/Family/PCIT Concierge Visits
​Weekend/Evening (after 5pm) Appointments: Additional $25
Holiday Appointments: Additional $50

VIP Concierge Care Clinic Plans

VIP Concierge Care Plans allow you to have 24 hour access to Keys Gate Wellness Associates unique suite of services in a variety of settings and modalities, including: road trip and travel options, complete hospital and surgery companion service, self-actualization sessions, workplace adjustment and performance-optimization services, interpersonal functioning analysis, executive coaching, amateur and professional athletic lifestyle adjustment, PCIT and family enrichment support services

A 10% discount available with purchase of a VIP Concierge Plan

$1,800 per month – individual package
Up to 8 hours of VIP Concierge services per month.
$2,160 per month – family, couple or PCIT package
Up to 8 hrs of VIP Concierge services per month
$2,700 per month – individual package
Up to 12 hours of VIP Concierge services per month
$3,240 per month – family, couple, or PCIT package
Up to 12 hours of VIP Concierge services per month

$5,400 per month – individual package
Up to 24 hours of VIP Concierge services per month
$6,480 per month – family, couple package
Up to 24 hours of VIP Concierge services per month
1, 3 and 6 month contracts available. Contact us to discuss a customized plan that suits the special needs of your family and your schedule.

​*Travel is included up to 30 miles.

Pay Pal, cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, and HSA and FSA cards and debit cards are accepted for payment. 


Despite the many challenges and areas of concern in using insurance to cover mental health therapy, clients may still elect to do so. Quality psychological services can be costly so it’s completely understandable that getting reimbursed for at least some of the associated costs relieves any financial burden.

Keys Gate Wellness Associates only accepts Cigna at this time. However, if your plan has out-of-network benefits, you can see any licensed clinician of your choosing and the plan will reimburse you a percentage after the deductible is met. In most cases, insurance reimburses around 60-90% assuming you have a psychiatric condition meeting medical necessity criteria for treatment (which will be determined during the first appointment). At the time of this initial intake appointment, you are financially responsible for the service fee; then we provide you with an invoice (superbill) to submit to the insurance company (it’s easy!).

Don’t have time to submit your superbill to insurance? Let us introduce you to Better. Better is a HIPAA compliant service that submits superbills to your insurance provider on your behalf. The fee is 10% of whatever money you receive from the insurance company. If you don’t receive compensation (e.g., unmet deductible, denial, etc.) they don’t collect a payment.

*Note that Keys Gate Wellness Associates has no relationship with Better and does not receive any compensation from the company.

Reduced Fee Schedule

Keys Gate Wellness Associates offer a reduced fee for individuals who are financially burdened; but are motivated to improve their health. The reduced fee services are for telehealth and group therapy services only and for a limited time basis. Contact us to  check availability.

Pro Bono Services
Pro bono is short for the Latin phrase pro bono publico, which means “for the public good.” At Keys Gate Wellness, our doctors are passionate about helping our community and want to serve those that truly can not afford our services. Contact us to check availability for our 100% free of charge services.